How To Use Instacart Shopper App

How to Use Instacart Shopper App

Instacart is a popular online grocery delivery service that allows customers to order groceries and have them delivered to their doorstep. However, Instacart also offers an app for shoppers who want to earn money by delivering groceries to customers. In this article, we will guide you on how to use the Instacart Shopper App and make the most of your experience as a shopper.

The Importance of Knowing How to Use Something

When it comes to using any new app or software, it is important to familiarize yourself with its features and functionalities. Knowing how to use the Instacart Shopper App can help you navigate through the platform smoothly, optimize your earnings, and provide excellent service to customers. By understanding the app’s tools and functions, you can save time, increase efficiency, and deliver a great shopping experience.

How to Use Instacart Shopper App Identification

Before you start using the Instacart Shopper App, it is essential to have the correct identification. You will need to provide a valid driver’s license, proof of auto insurance (if you plan to deliver using a vehicle), and a smartphone that meets the app’s system requirements. Make sure to have these documents ready before proceeding with the registration process.

Define its Purpose and Basic Function

The purpose of the Instacart Shopper App is to connect shoppers with customers who need groceries delivered. The app allows shoppers to view available orders, accept or decline them, communicate with customers, navigate to the store, shop for items on the customer’s shopping list, and deliver the groceries to the customer’s specified location. The basic function of the app is to streamline the entire shopping process and make it easy for shoppers to earn money.

Start with How to Use

Once you have successfully registered as an Instacart shopper and have downloaded the app, you can start using it by following these steps:

Step 1: Login

Open the Instacart Shopper App and enter your login credentials, including your email address and password. If you are a new shopper, you will need to create an account before logging in.

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Step 2: Accept Orders

Your app’s home screen will display available orders in your area. Review the order details, including the store location, items to be shopped, and delivery address. Accept the orders that you are willing to fulfill within the provided time frame.

Find Key Features and Buttons

The Instacart Shopper App has several key features and buttons that you should familiarize yourself with:

Order Details

By tapping on an accepted order, you can view the order details, including the customer’s shopping list, any special instructions, and the delivery address.

Communicate with Customers

If you have any questions or need clarification from the customer, you can use the in-app messaging feature to communicate directly with them.


The app provides built-in navigation to help you reach the store and the customer’s location. It will guide you with turn-by-turn directions, ensuring you take the most efficient route.

Scan Items

When you are at the store, use the app’s barcode scanner to scan each item as you add it to your cart. This ensures that you are picking up the correct items for the customer.

Checkout and Payment

Once you have completed the shopping and are ready to check out, the app will guide you through the payment process. You can pay using a preloaded Instacart payment card or your personal credit card, depending on your region’s payment policies.

Learn How to Get This On and Off

The Instacart Shopper App can be toggled on and off based on your availability. If you are ready to accept orders and start shopping, toggle the app on. When you are done for the day or need a break, toggle it off. This feature allows you to have full control over your work schedule and earn money at your convenience.

Follow Instructions on How to Use Instacart Shopper App

To ensure a seamless shopping experience and provide the best service to customers, it is important to follow the instructions provided within the app:

Read the Instructions for Use Provided

The app provides helpful instructions and tips on how to navigate through different sections, communicate with customers, handle substitutions, and complete deliveries. Take the time to read and understand these instructions to enhance your performance as an Instacart shopper.

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Follow the Steps Given

When you accept an order, the app will guide you through each step of the process, from shopping at the store to delivering to the customer’s location. Make sure to follow the steps provided to ensure accuracy and efficiency.

Exercises and Experiments

As you become more familiar with the Instacart Shopper App, you can try out different exercises and experiments to optimize your earnings and improve your efficiency:

Try Using Objects in Simple Tasks

For example, you can use voice commands or shortcuts to navigate through the app more quickly. Experiment with different techniques and find what works best for you.

Explore Settings or Options Available

The app may have additional settings or options that can enhance your experience as a shopper. Take the time to explore these features and see if they can benefit you.

Take Good Care of Objects

As with any app or software, it is important to take good care of your device and the Instacart Shopper App:

Keep Objects Clean and in Good Condition

Regularly clean your smartphone and ensure it is free from any malware or viruses. Keep the app updated to the latest version for optimal performance.

Save Properly When Not in Use

When you are not using the app, make sure to properly close it to conserve battery life and prevent any unauthorized access to your account.


Q: How do I contact customer support?

A: If you have any issues or need assistance, you can contact Instacart’s customer support through the app. Navigate to the Help section, and you will find options to chat with support representatives or submit a support ticket.

Q: Can I shop for multiple orders at once?

A: Instacart allows shoppers to shop for multiple orders at once, known as batching. This can help maximize your earnings and save time by completing multiple orders in a single trip to the store.

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Q: What if an item is out of stock?

A: If an item is out of stock, the app will provide you with substitution options based on the customer’s preferences. You can also communicate with the customer to discuss possible substitutions or alternatives.

Q: How do I earn money as an Instacart shopper?

A: As an Instacart shopper, you earn money through a combination of batch payments, tips from customers, and potential bonuses. The more orders you complete and the higher the customer satisfaction, the more you can earn.

Q: Can I choose my own hours as an Instacart shopper?

A: Yes, one of the benefits of being an Instacart shopper is the flexibility to choose your own hours. You can work as little or as much as you want, depending on your availability and earning goals.

Q: How do I schedule my availability?

A: Within the Instacart Shopper App, you can set your availability by selecting the days and hours you want to work. This allows you to create a schedule that fits your lifestyle and other commitments.

Q: How do I handle refunds or returns?

A: In the event of a refund or return, the app will guide you through the process. Follow the instructions provided and communicate with the customer to ensure a smooth resolution.

Q: Can I deliver using a bicycle or scooter?

A: Depending on your city’s regulations and Instacart’s policies, you may be able to deliver using a bicycle or scooter. Check the app for specific vehicle requirements and restrictions in your area.

Q: How do I track my earnings?

A: Instacart provides a detailed earnings summary within the app. You can track your earnings, including batch payments, tips, and bonuses, to monitor your progress and assess your overall performance.