Awasome How To Make Youtube Videos Play While On Other Apps References

Are you tired of having to pause your favorite YouTube videos every time you switch to another app on your smartphone? Well, you’re in luck! In this article, we will guide you on how to make YouTube videos play while on other apps. This feature is incredibly convenient, as it allows you to multitask and make the most out of your device’s capabilities.

How to Make YouTube Videos Play While on Other Apps

1. Open the YouTube App: The first step is to open the YouTube app on your smartphone. Make sure you have the latest version installed to access all the latest features and updates.

2. Find the Video You Want to Play: Once you are in the YouTube app, find the video you want to play. You can search for it using the search bar at the top of the app or browse through your subscriptions and recommended videos.

3. Start Playing the Video: Tap on the video thumbnail to start playing it. You will notice that the video starts playing in fullscreen mode by default.

4. Exit Fullscreen Mode: To enable the picture-in-picture mode, you need to exit the fullscreen mode. You can do this by tapping on the minimize icon in the bottom right corner of the video player. This will shrink the video and allow you to continue using other apps while the video plays.

5. Drag and Position the Video: Once the video is in picture-in-picture mode, you can drag and position it anywhere on your screen. You can place it in a convenient corner or resize it to your liking. This way, you can keep an eye on the video while using other apps.

6. Switch to Other Apps: Now that the video is playing in picture-in-picture mode, you can freely switch to other apps on your device. The video will continue playing in the minimized window, allowing you to multitask without interruptions.

7. Control the Video Playback: While the video is playing in picture-in-picture mode, you can still control its playback. You can pause, play, rewind, or skip to different parts of the video by tapping on the video window and using the playback controls.

8. Return to Fullscreen Mode: If you want to return to fullscreen mode and focus solely on the video, you can tap on the video window and then on the maximize icon in the bottom right corner. The video will expand to fullscreen, and you can enjoy it without any distractions.

9. Close the Video: Once you are done watching the video or want to stop it, you can simply swipe away the video window or tap on the close icon. The video will stop playing, and you can continue using your device as usual.

10. Disable Picture-in-Picture Mode: If you no longer want YouTube videos to play while on other apps, you can disable the picture-in-picture mode. You can do this by going to the settings of your YouTube app and navigating to the “General” or “Playback” section. Look for the “Picture-in-Picture” option and toggle it off.

Why Should You Enable Picture-in-Picture Mode for YouTube Videos?

Enabling the picture-in-picture mode for YouTube videos offers several benefits that enhance your user experience:

– Multitasking: With picture-in-picture mode, you can watch YouTube videos while simultaneously using other apps. This allows you to be more productive and efficient with your device.

– Convenience: Picture-in-picture mode eliminates the need to constantly switch between apps to pause or play videos. You can continue watching your favorite content without interruptions.

– Flexibility: By positioning the video window anywhere on your screen, you have the flexibility to customize your viewing experience. You can resize, minimize, or expand the video window according to your preferences.

– Improved User Experience: Picture-in-picture mode enhances the overall user experience by providing a seamless and intuitive way to watch videos. You can easily control the playback and navigate through the video while using other apps.

Now that you know how to make YouTube videos play while on other apps, you can take full advantage of this feature and enjoy a more versatile and enjoyable viewing experience. Whether you want to watch tutorials while working, listen to music while browsing, or catch up on your favorite shows while messaging friends, picture-in-picture mode makes it all possible!

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