Domain Search Google is Now Available in Over Twenty-Six Countries

Domain Search Google is Now Available in Over Twenty-Six Countries

Domain search google is available in over 26 countries. Google has just announced that its domain search service, Domain search Google, is now available in over twenty-six countries. Although it was launched in January 2015, this service has been in beta for seven years. Now, it is available in over twenty-six countries, including Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, India, Italy, Mexico, the Philippines, South Africa, Sweden, and the United Kingdom.

In the United States, Google Domains became widely available in January 2015. It is now offered in over twenty-six countries. The company has been aiming to make domain registration as easy as possible, and it is now available to everyone. Like Gmail, domains went through a lengthy beta period before becoming a full-fledged product. Today, Google Domains has millions of active registrations. To celebrate the launch, Google has launched a special promotion for single domain registrations: you can save twenty percent off the price of one domain with code DOMAINS20.

It offers over 300 domain endings

Google’s domain service allows you to register over 300 domain endings for your website,,.biz,.info,.net,.org, The service offers free custom email and Business Profile, integration with third-party services such as Google App Engine and Cloud Run, and simple integration with Google tools like Ads and Search Console. With over 300 domain endings available, Google’s service can help you spread your brand around the world.

Google Domains is very affordable, offering free privacy protection and DNS hosting, among other services. The interface is straightforward and easy to use, and prices start at just $12 per year for common TLDs. You will pay extra for premium domains, but the service does not charge for privacy or renewal increases. You can register as many domain endings as you like, which means you can customize your web presence. The service offers free registrant privacy and access to Google’s DNS.

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It offers a 5-day refund window

If you have decided you want to cancel your domain name registration, you can do so within five days. However, you cannot request a refund if you have already used the domain for more than 3 consecutive 12-month periods. Additionally, you cannot request a refund if you have already paid for a premium domain or if you have transferred in the domain yourself. To initiate a refund, contact Google’s Customer Support.

It offers comprehensive information on domain registration status worldwide

A WHOIS database is a popular resource for looking up the registrant details of domains. This information includes the name, address, and email of the domain owner. The information is kept in a public database as mandated by ICANN. While there is no official directory, the public output of registrars acts as a world-wide address book. WHOIS records contain details such as the registrant’s name, address, and email address, as well as the registrar and name servers where the domain is registered.

A WHOIS API is useful for domainers and investors because it lets them check the availability of a domain and stay updated on registration changes. DevOps professionals can use this data to build new features or enrich other data sources. Banks and payment processors can also use this data to prevent fraudulent transactions and thwart malicious actors. It provides a comprehensive overview of domain registration status worldwide. These databases have many uses.